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Hi could anyone recommend me some books on learning C. I have a reasonable understanding of assembler, but want to start to learn C. So far i have used some of the baseline PICs and the mid-range PICs. I have had a look on amazon but there so many to choose from, hoping someone could recommend some decent books. I would prefer a book to on-line tutorials as i prefer to have a book to refer to rather than reading off the internet.

C Programming Language (2nd Edition) [Paperback]
Brian W. Kernighan (Author), Dennis M. Ritchie (Author)

This is the gold standard book on the topic. Written by the actual developers of C. Unfortunately you will find some differences when programming on a pic, the libraries are a little different. But the data structures are all the same.

Being largely self taught with a few courses in c in college, i want to get this book as well to brush up on things I don't use very often like structs and type defs.

Another option:
Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C, Second Edition: Learning to Fly the PIC 24 [Paperback]
Lucio Di Jasio (Author)

I program pic parts in c (pic24 line). you will find some frustrating idiosyncrasies when trying to uses some standards taught in any book. I read through "programming 16 bit micro controllers in c" and it gives you a good general overview with some fun example projects"


If you've never programmed in C, then do as yanir says, get the K&R book.  Although it's for computer programming, it will give you a solid understanding of the language, with nearly all of it carrying over to microcontroller programming.  It's a great book, there are even exercises in it to build your understanding.  There are probably a bunch of free C compilers (for the PC) that you can use to practice with.

Then, there are a bunch of PIC tutorials in C here: http://www.gooligum.com.au/tutorials.html

Thank you, i have already come across the gooligum tutorials, an excellent website.

A-sic Enginerd:
In addition to K&R, this one comes highly recommended.

I have the C++ version of this, and have talked with peers that have the C version and say they are on par with each other. Very good as an instructional book, but also put together such that it makes an equally valuable reference to have on the shelf.


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