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Learning VHDL on VHDL CPLD Course

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I found this rather nice VHDL course for learning VHDL on a CPLD http://startingelectronics.com/software/VHDL-CPLD-course/

You can actually build the hardware yourself at home and then follow the course. There are no SMT parts on the boards.  8)
According to the Blog entry on the website(http://blog.startingelectronics.com/?p=428), the course is not complete. (It looks like it is being added to weekly).

So who is going to join me and follow the course?  :)

(BTW I discovered this course after looking around the website that published the radio controlled watermelon http://startingelectronics.com/articles/radio-controlled-watermelon/)  :-DD

More of a verilog person myself, but I really love the watermelon! XD

Good find!  I shall certainly be looking at it, i've done a bit with modifying other people's code, but I always find it good to get a refresher!

AND the board files are done on Kicad. Fantastic. I will be building this over the summer for certain.


It looks like Xilinx and Altera are the two biggest vendors of programmable logic chips (CPLD / FPGA). Does anyone have any preference?


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