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Lightweight Scripting Language for MCUs

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Sal Ammoniac:
I often need to do some quick prototyping and testing of sensors on some of my MCU platforms and I find myself writing the code in C and compiling it, downloading it, etc. I'd like something like a small scripting language I can interact with over a serial link to a board to send commands to a sensor, look at the output, etc.

Anyone know of a scripting language small enough to run on an ARM Cortex-M4 and not require too many resources?

Lua seems to be the lightweight scripting language of choice/

At 43oh, someone referred to "SIMPL". Its a small interpreted language designed as interactive language for embedded systems.

Probably too tiny?
Someone should do a bit of host side programming to allow a generic forth to import cmsis-style .xml or .h files to pick up words for accessing the peripherals.


--- Quote from: coppice on August 22, 2016, 05:48:04 pm ---Lua seems to be the lightweight scripting language of choice/

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