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little querry to get an output to flip/flop

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So I have a project I am already using the PWM output but i need another oscillating output that is no available on the pic I'm using. The program will run in a cycle that coincides with each PWM cycle so I had a thought, using basic as the language, have a "bit" type variable and add 1 to it each time I get round to "that" line of the program, in this way I should get a 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1..... output, right ? or is there another way of doing it with complicated program lines, I just need a toggling output, frequency and duty are not much of a problem.

You will have to turn it on and off you can turn it on at the beginning and off half way through your program to output what you want 

I could do, i just wondered if I had a single bit variable 0 = 0, 0+1=1, 1+1=0, 0+1=1 etc

Can you use a byte type and invert it each time, and then use the lowest bit (foo & 0x01)? You could increment a byte variable too, but using an adder seems like overkill for just toggling a bit.

Exclusive OR with a '1' in the bit position you want to toggle will toggle the bit as you require.



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