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--- Quote from: Siwastaja on November 28, 2023, 06:59:39 am ---EMC, radiated and conducted, was a much bigger deal, and you have to do it anyway, so I think for us the total difference would have been like 8K vs. 10K€ or something like that.

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That's quite a bit. You should shop around, I had RED measured devices for far less, with multiple radio interfaces. In proper anechoic chamber, and R&S equipment. I think it was 2-3 hours per device.
We had prepared multiple samples, some of them were continuously transmitting (more than 50% of the time). Some were to test link budget and things like that. Some had SMA cable soldered instead of the antenna. We didn't test frequency hopping though, and only did thermal chamber/RF test when it was close to the limit.

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Is this complete with a certification report?

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It's with EN 300 328 and few other standard precompliance test report. I'll PM you the company.

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I know the company from the PM (Kiwa, formerly Telefication). I got a quotation from them as well for pre-compliance and the actual compliance test. Pre-compliance is not expensive but count on the amount Siwastaja quoted earlier for a real/full compliance test.

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There isn't RED certification. A testing house or NoBo will not provide a certificate because it's your responsibility as manufacturer to make sure the compliance exists.
It's a small subtle difference that most people will not understand, but we as engineers deciding on what to order need to be aware what's going on.
So once again, they are not going to issue Declaration of conformity, or certificate of compliance, you will. Hence there is no such thing as red "actual compliance" test.

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You are getting into a semantic argument here. Put differently: the paperwork from the test house is providing proof your product really complies with the limits as inferred by the law and thus your declaration of conformity has a solid legal foundation under it. But this should have been clear from the context as many test houses actually call their services CE / RED / FCC / etc certification and have certificates listed as the deliverable as a result of the compliance testing. Including the company you have used for precompliance testing.

You are both kinda right.

Certification, by definition, is just something which produces a certificate, which is just an arbitrary document which someone decided to call a certificate. I can start selling certificates that your product uses GOTO statement in a socially responsible way.

Declaration of conformity is the only legal requirement, and it is not a certificate. This does not mean there are no such thing as certificates on RED compliance.

The only legal requirements are (1) actual conformity to standards, (2) declaration of conformity document saying this. You don't have to outsource any of it, you can do it all in-house, but there are many finely grained service levels how much and what exactly you would outsource, some may be called "certificates", some not. Generally, the more you pay, the less you have to do yourself. I'm not afraid of doing things, but I have found it is quite difficult to know what to do. And finally, of course, you can always try to push your luck and just do "something". You can, for example, pay for the measurements ("pre-compliance") alone and just look at the plots and get a confident feeling that your product likely causes no problems and thus no one will ask for your compliance documentation. If you want to build the proper documentation to support your declaration of conformity, then these fuller reports, or "certificates", simply save your time.

Knowing which tests to do and how is a big question indeed. TI has a comprehensive appnote on which tests are relevant to BLE testing: swra601k (which they seem to keep up to date).

But you'd still need quite an amount of gear as well. With the RF / EMC testing gear I have accumulated over the years I can probably do a reasonable pre-pre-compliance check so the chance of surprises will be low.


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