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looking for Arduino Parts list and or schematic

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--- Quote ---I am looking for more the exact specs on the board itself like the pin location.
--- End quote ---
In the "true spirit of open source", you're going to have to derive that information by looking at the EAGLE design files (the source code), rather than finding it separately documented.  (actually, there have been a couple measured drawings posted to the arduino forums.  http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1280981627 )

(same thing for the "parts list" or "bill of materials."  There's an EAGLE script to derive a BoM from the board file, but the reference designs don't contain things like actual manufacturer part numbers or distributor ordering codes, the way "the pros" like to do things.)

Ok, download the eagle files I would say. You have PCB Layout and resistors and so on given there, too. You can use the i (information) Tool to get more infos about the used part when you click on it.
I don't have the Uno files at hand right now, but even with a Maple Board (ARM M3) it looks managable to lookup parts.

Have fun with that Project :)


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