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looking for Arduino Parts list and or schematic

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I am looking in to building my own Arduino but I am failing to find the parts list as well as a good schematic diagram to fallow. Can anyone please help.
Also It would help to get dimensions if that is possible for correct placement of the pins. I want them to be right so i can still use shields.


You'll probably find that by the time you add up the costs of all the parts (for a one off, at least), it would be cheaper to just buy one. The USB to serial chip is a fine pitch SMD, meaning that you'll need a PCB to put it on anyways. There's also the bootloading problem, which can be worked around but it just adds another source of problems for a beginner.

Now if you're looking for features that are not available on an official Arduino, it might be worthwhile.

i never tried, but meditated on it, all the basic stuff you need are USB to UART module, breadboard (probably with jumpers) and the bare chip (download and install the bootloader or get the pre-install chip). you can get only one usb-uart and breadboard module. and then buy many bare chips to save the cost (average per arduino). and program with Arduino IDE all you like just any other mcu brand (pickit or avr MK programmer). no need extra programmer, just a $3 usb-uart. the fun stuff is that you can take out the bare chip after being programmed and put into your circuit, not like off-the-shelf arduino, you are stuck with all those arduino footprint DIP pins.

What I don't get is people who ask questions like "I want to build a moon rocket," or "I want to build a nuclear reactor, please tell me how?"

If you can't figure out how to navigate the Arduino web site and download the hardware build instructions without asking for help, there is about no chance you have the skills to successfully build an Arduino. Why do you even delude yourself that you know what you are doing?


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