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m68332 BDM and …. gdb ???

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hi guys
i am toying with a tiny mc68332 board which has BDM interface
and i guess if there is a working debug interface for gdb or … anything else around

let me know

Have a look at the BDM tools package. Never used it myself.

yeah, but it seems old, and i'd like to have feedback about  :-+

also, anybody toying with gdb-stub for m68k ?


--- Quote ---it seems old
--- End quote ---
The 68332 is an OLD chip...
Likewise, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a gdb stub for 68k.  It WAS one of the first CPUs suppored by gdb.   IIRC, the 68k gdb_stub most people use was written at HP, back when they were selling 68k workstations.  (Hmm.  The one I found looks like it would need some editing before it will compile with a modern version of gcc.  Strings (asm) with embedded newlines have been deprecated for a long time.)

BDM is stills used by freescale, unfortunately they have and sell closed and expensive debuggers and Applications
and about easier and cheaper ones  .. it seems there is no one using gdb with it.
I have found an old (2003) project that aims for that, but .. no feedback from his author


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