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max bit variable in AVR

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hi I'm using AVR codevision after defining 16 bit variable I get this error :
too many global/static 'bit' variables
Does bit variables are limited in AVR?or they are just limited in codevision?or it's something else?

Show us the part of the code causing problems.

its on the last bit variable.

There is no support for bit type in AVR. You can use a struct like this:

--- Code: ---typedef struct {
    uint8_t bit0:1;
    uint8_t bit1:1;
    uint8_t bit2:1;
    uint8_t bit3:1;
    uint8_t bit4:1;
    uint8_t bit5:1;
    uint8_t bit6:1;
    uint8_t bit7:1;
} BitField;

typedef union {
    BitField asBits;
    uint8_t asByte;
} BitByte;

BitByte mBitField;
--- End code ---

And to access one bit at once you only have to

--- Code: ---mBitField.asBits.bit3 = 1
--- End code ---

That's why I prefer Arduino Micro or Raspberry Pi modules.


--- Quote ---too many global/static 'bit' variables
Does bit variables are limited in AVR?
--- End quote ---
There is apparently a configuration parameter that allows you to set the max number of "bit" variables.:

--- Quote ---A number of maximum 104 bit variables can be declared. The size of the bit variables allocated to the program can be specified in the Project|Configure|C
Compiler|Code Generation|Bit Variables Size list box. This size should be as low as possible, in order to free registers for allocation to other global variables.
--- End quote ---
(https://www.thierry-lequeu.fr/data/CodeVisonAVR-doc.pdf (page 68)

--- Quote ---or they are just limited in codevision?
--- End quote ---
Bit variables are not standard C, and most compilers don't implement them at all.
The portable method is to use structure-based bitfields as described by jenniferkim...


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