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MC68HC912D60A reprogram after failed update

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Hi all,

I have some coffee vending machines based on the above chip. While messing about today, i managed to not give it enough time to do an update on the internal flash which it reads from an external EPROM. It compares the version on startup and if a different version is fitted, it updates its internal flash. The LCD screen now just comes up blank no matter what version EPROM is installed now. It gives no indication when its finished programming, usually i give it 5 minutes, but just didn't time it today and probably power cycled after only about 1-2 minutes.

I have absolutely zero experience with this kind of stuff (and obviously dont have the tools), but i was wondering if anyone here would have the tools to read out and reprogram one of these chips if a 'known good' board was provided as a donor to 'read' ?

Not a big issue, i have a good number of spares, but thought someone here might have the hardware and want to give it a shot.

For those who are curious about what the board looks like, here are the two revisions of the board. Both function identically, the added connector is not used in normal operation & i have no idea what its for.

The only one who can help you is the manufacturer of the board. Just call their tech support. That kind of companies are often willing to help.

Unfortunately support is near impossible to get, even when the machines were still in production support was not very good. Plus its from Italy, so that increases the difficulty. Its not a major issue, i have spares, just thought if there was any place that would have someone who had the tools to do it, it'd be here.


SAECO board?


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