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Microchip parametric search is dead

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Seems like Microchip has lost interest in having any customers. They killed off their parametric search function. FOR EVERY PRODUCT IN THE ENTIRE COMPANY.

Yes this is a rage post.  |O |O |O |O

Microchip's website has always been... dubious. It always has loaded very very slowly, it always had a strange, mazelike heirarchy of webpages. Overall it has always seemed very poorly administrated.

BUT - it was always possible to search through their products to find what you want. No more.

I work in a university lab and often use PICs to build little pieces of hardware for use in experiments. This often means I need a particular arrangement of peripherals that only a few PICs can support. Now that the parametric search is gone, I won't be able to use PICs anymore. I'm forced to switch to another company, probably some sort of ARM chips. And once I put in the effort to switch, I won't ever come back.

I filed support tickets with Microchip over a month ago over this issue and got no response. Radio silence.

Strange how a billion dollar company with so many geniuses employed can still make such a fundamental, business-ruining mistake. Like even my local restaurants have good, functional websites. Yet Microchip, a leading electronics company seems incapable of the same.

Don't point me towards MAPS. It is buggy, slow, out of date, and overall useless. It is not a viable search function.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I've been fuming about this for a while now. Have a nice day.

It's all still there.


Select a product group on the left.

Yeah, it's NOT still there.

Take a closer look. You can't actually search anything. It's just a list. There's no way to filter.

Nevermind. Jesus... they made the filters into a hidden dropdown menu and I've never spotted in over a month.

I still think it's shit design though.

It's the radio silence that is bothering me in this story. It reminds me of stories for soviet state-owned companies that produced garbage and cared 0% about customer satisfaction and feedback.

And yeah, I switched to STM32 few years ago. Must say I am satisfied, although there is a new rising star on the horizon - FPGA's with soft CPUs  >:D


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