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Microcontroller for MJPEG video with MIPI

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I have several projects where I need to play videos with small MIPI screens.

I already had the hardware designed using STM32, but due to the current crisis they are totally out of stock in all providers.

Do you know any other microcontroller that has MIPI output and hardware JPEG decoding?

I also want to look at some of the FTDI graphics drivers.

I cannot use Raspberry-based solutions because the designs have to be very compact, the space is very small to fit a Rpy CM4 and also the MIPI output only works with screens made for the Raspberry.

Could you trade off storage vs. JPEG hardware and use uncompressed video?

How big is jpeg frame and frame rate ? Have you considered decoding by software using any other STM32F7 ?


--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on June 07, 2021, 03:26:27 pm ---Could you trade off storage vs. JPEG hardware and use uncompressed video?

--- End quote ---

It is an option that I also thought about. For a 480 * 480 pixel screen, I guess it would be 414.7Mb per second for a 30fps video. Maybe with a 32Gb SD it could work for me, although I would prefer videos compressed in MJPEG.

Is FPGA an option?Xilinx provides MIPI-DSI for free and then you'd add something like this on top: https://github.com/ultraembedded/core_jpeg


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