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Thank you

As none of us have a crystal ball, please provide more specific information, like a schematic or pictures of what is connected together

Also the voting option you added to this thread makes no sense at all.


--- Quote from: ssport on February 23, 2024, 12:58:10 pm ---Hi,
i am trying to connect esp32 ttgo display and dslr camera ...

--- End quote ---

That is very probably not a straightforward project, unless I'm misunderstanding your question. You need to write up a much more detailed explanation of what you are trying to do because of the likely complexity of this.

OK so the what you are connecting with is kind of irrelevant. you need to establish what is required to make the camera do what you want. normally a camera has a half press shutter button position and a full press. so have you connected all of these? depending on the camera and the settings it may refuse to fire the shutter if it has not focused. So have you checked the camera settings?

You need to supply more information.


--- Quote from: ssport on February 23, 2024, 12:58:10 pm --- The code is okay and the pins are correct.

--- End quote ---
How do you know for sure? It’s not working, after all…

Share ALL the information about this project, including the model of camera, schematic for your wiring, and your code.

For everyone else: OP’s thread titled “soldering” has photos of the wires soldered to the ESP32 board. But without context who knows whether that’s correct as it is or not.


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