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Hello again!

Currently I'm working on a little project where I have to program multiple microcontrollers with the same firmware but different calibration values stored in the EEPROM.
In my case the problem should be easy to solve as this isn't going to be a mass manufactured product.

When I thought about this I started wondering how microcontrollers are programmed in a mass production environment, especially when they have to program the firmware first and then the calibration values later on?
Just asking out of curiousity.


My guess would be that the chips are ordered pre-programmed with firmware from the manufacture.

Then the eeprom cal data is uploaded during the in-circuit test/bed-of-nails after PCB assembly.
The testing rig probably has the gear needed to generate the reference signals required so the cal data can be calculated and programmed automatically.

Of course it would depend just how complicated the calibration process is, i imagine some expensive/low volume stuff is calibrated by hand.

Depends on the Micro - e.g. Microchip have a very cheap service for ordering ready-programmed parts.
You deal with the cal data by writing it via your firmware and whatever interface you have available on board.

Another approch is to program and cal on-board in a test jig, although this can be a  production bottleneck - preprogrammed parts are preferred where possible

Avnet offers a programming service, are there other distributors that do as well?

Get a professional programmer for mass production :-) Such beasts program 8 MCUs at the same time and several of those can be stacked.


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