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I working on a Microcontroller fan controller. It going to controll 15 fans. I like to have a lcd on it. I have foun a LCD Panel OSD070TN84 and I going to use the Digital View ALR-1400 for a driver board. What i need to know is how hard is to go from Microcontroller to video so it can come up on lcd and how.

Which microcontroller family are you going to use?
That ALR-1400 looks like mega-overkill. How about this:
There are two versions. One has a serial interface, so you can drive it with almost any type of uC or even an Arduino. :)
There is also a different version:
Which is programmed using its own language - with much more control over the graphics capabilties. The "4DGL" programming language is easy to use and well documented.
Food for thought.

can that only run the lcd or can run the fans to

It's just a VGA generator. You'll still need to knock up a separate fan controller, since the dual combination of video controller and fan controller has limited appeal in the wider market.

To drive something like the ALR-1400, you'll need to look at the number of I/Os it requires, the bandwidth, and the voltage levels and see if all of these are compatible with the microcontroller you're planning to use. It seems like this is a very ambitious project for you - perhaps you could start off with a far simpler 16x2 LCD and then once that's working, work up to more complicated things.

Graphical displays and touch screens are difficult to use with cheap, simple microcontrollers and are often the domain of embedded computers, unless you can find an interface board that abstracts display operations into a simple command protocol. These are typically quite expensive.

I'm looking it the 7'' TFT LCD Module +2AV Driver Board +Touch Screen +VGA Car Display



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