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MPLab 8.92 Nightmare

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With the issues you're having, I would think a re-format is in order.
I try to do a clean wipe and new install every 2 or 3 years.

One thing that I have done that you might want to consider is that
I divided my disk drive into two partitions.  I put all my data on the
second partition.  Therefore, I only need to re-install programs and
don't have to worry about backing up all my data files.  (Which I sync
with another computer.

Depending on how full your disk is, you might be able to create a second
partition and move your data before wiping your main partition.

That's exactly what I do.  Data are in folders on D.  D & E are on a physically separate, RAID disk pair.  Backups are on E. Only programs and Desktop are on C.  It's still a huge inconvenience to re-install everything.  Some of those programs are very old (e.g., Photoshop and MS Office suite) and need to be re-authenticated by the source.  There is no reason that can't be done that I know of, but it is still a pain.  Desktop can be copied to another drive too. 

Can Windows 7 still get the condensed SP's?



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