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MPLAB X v6.10 fails with MCP2221(A) attached to computer


Having a new and shiny ICD 5 arrive, I thought I'd install MPLAB X 6.10 to give things a whirl.  All went well, until I plugged a box of mine in development and MPLAB X just quit.  Then it simply wouldn't start, nor would v6.05.  Though v6 did seem to launch OK.

It turns out, confirmed by Microchip support, that installing v6.10 isn't compatible with anything using a MCP2221(a) attached to the computer at the same time.  A fix is in the pipeline, though they wouldn't give a timeline.

This was their reply to my support ticket...

--- Quote ---This is a known problem in version 6.10 and our developing team is working on it in order to release a new patch as soon as possible.
At the moment we do not have a specific date or estimate for the release of the patch.
The only workaround at the moment is to use an older version of MPLAB
--- End quote ---

To be more precise, it crashes with anything connected using the USB VID / PID  0x04D8 / 0x00DD, which also includes a number of Microchip dev boards.  Just a heads up for people.

Sounds nice.

yeah, I also had stability issues with 6.10. reverted to 5.50 and all is well again.
6.00 is ok under win10, but crashes with linux (mint 20.3).

yeeeeah :( we know
luckily apart from 5th gen tools support, there was nothing else that made it worth updating. 6.05 working good here


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