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MSP430G2231 LaunchPad - Beginner Needs Help

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Hello everyone!

I recently got my own LaunchPad and I am very new to microcontrollers (this is actually my very first microcontroller). I just finished writing some codes in C and making it blink in various delay time but I'm having trouble understanding the coding for this microcontroller. I checked the header file msp430g2231.h but that just made me even more confused. I checked the user's manual for msp430 series but its almost 700 pages so... I was wondering if anyone can help me understand the coding for msp430 without me reading the whole manual. Right now, I just want to do simple projects like get a light sensor and make it turn on an LED when there is no light (a night light). Also, what kind of sensor (the specs of the sensor) would I need?

Thank you!

You can find good articles and some tutorials as well and a MSP430 forum at http://www.43oh.com/

Thank you for the quick reply!

Here is a good link I found for beginners from the website you recommended:


There are many different people suggesting various ebooks and websites to get you started.

I'm still having quite a bit of trouble understanding the coding. These examples are not based off of LaunchPad and they don't explain the actual coding (like the logical operators). Can anyone help?

Thank you.

P.S. Do I need to learn all the architect of the microcontroller and the board to do small projects? I currently just finished first year electrical engineering and these microcontrollers seem like 4th year stuff. My instructor recommended me to test this out rather than playing around with arduino because it will be better in the end but it looks like it will take the whole summer to understand the LaunchPad.


--- Quote from: jproject on May 30, 2011, 06:23:41 pm ---Do I need to learn all the architect of the microcontroller and the board to do small projects?

--- End quote ---



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