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my-boardclub.com - did they send you something?


I stumbled upon http://www.my-boardclub.com/, applied for membership and even got a nice package of their membership card and several issues of Future Technology Magazine (pure ads, in one form or the other).

Also I applied for several boards they offer. But I never ever got any response - not approved, not rejected, nothing. Needless to say, no boards either.

Is it always the case, or they are seeking for a big fat customer applying for a free demo board? My designs are < 10000, and that's what I honestly told them.

They say somewhere they vet members. I could imagine they also do this for each board request, in corporation with the board and IC manufacturers. Or maybe this board club is just to collect sales leads, they forward the sales leeds to the participating manufacturers, and the manufacturers then give a shit.

I could further imagine that your location is a problem, i.e. the manufacturers having no interest in doing small business in your area, so they don't provide boards to Future to forward to you.

I would take this as a hint to take your business to other manufacturers. To those from which you can get boards, with or without the help of Future.

But if you want to deal with Future and their board club, give them a call, using this old fashioned telephone thing, i.e. not e-mail, and directly ask them what is going on.


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