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My first STM32 design

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Hi everyone,
I started a couple weeks ago to dive into Kicad, migrating from Eagle. Since I have never worked with STM32 MCU's, I decided to design a simple dev board based on STM32F030K6T6 (choice dictated by the low price and LCSC availability). I plan to program the board with an ST-LINK V2. The board includes the MCU, USART-USB bridge, power supply and acces to most of the MCU's pins.

Let me know what you think about the design and the routing, especially in the USB plug part, where the dimensions didn't allowed me to set the proper trace width for a 90Ohm impedence, but the traces are simmetrical and lenght matched. I am unsure tho about the D+ and D- interconnections in the plug.

Soon enough, i hope this evening or tomorrow (italian time), you'll find on the KiCad section of this forum my consideration about starting to use KiCad.

As always thanks for you precious opinions and suggestions.

Ps: the pcb have 4 layer, SIGNAL-GND-3V3-MIXED

Well, that looks very neat and tidy, well done.
Slide switches seem a bit of an odd choice, rather than momentary, but maybe you have them already.
Maybe add some ESD protection on VEXT for benefit of Q1.
Don't worry about USB DP/DM routing, its only 12MHz FS so it'll be fine.

Thanks. I won't actually use dip switches. I have some regular switches here at home, and the footprint of those dip switches matches just fine, i will use those

Instead of the STM32F030, I would have used a STM32F070, which includes a USB peripheral and would have made the CP2102 unnecessary.

And sorry to barge in, i would not use an cp2102

There was some compatibility problems on win10

I would try an mcu with the integrated peripheral as written  or other CPXXXX  devices who are certified  for any OS ...


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