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Need Hex file to test touch screen on STM32F429 Discovery board

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Mine is exactly the same version as you: MB1075B / MB1075 B-01

This one worked too, thank you. Both have the buttons flipped. I imagine that this is a problem with the XY orientation between LCD and touch contoller, right?

Not sure what you mean by flipped. I placed the buttons so they are in a horizontal orientation. Similar to what you would see on a TV screen.

I press one bytton and the other changes color. Is this the desired effect? It not maybe the X axis of the touch controller is inverted. But this is not a problem, just a remark.

No, that is not the desired effect. When you press each button it should change the color of that button. When you press the button labeled Green it should change from a green background to a red background. It should also toggle the green LED on the board between on and off with each button press. Pressing the button labeled Red should make the background color change from red to green and toggle the red LED.

I don't know why you are seeing the behavior you are seeing. Maybe a difference between my board level revision and yours? Your board level revision is B and mine is E.


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