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Sipeed MaixPy and MaixDuino show case: run AI easier~
« on: April 12, 2019, 07:15:14 am »
Hi guys, it is the show case post for Sipeed Maix boards, software based on MAixPy(micropython) and MaixDuino(Arduino).

Sipeed MAIX boards is based on K210, dual cor RISC-V 64bit IMAC chip, it run at 400MHz, able to turbo to 600MHz, 8MB SRAM inside, MMU worked. KPU inside support neural network accelerate.

MaixPy is based on micropython, it is openMV-compatible, support littlevgl, support NN API:

Maixduino is based on Arduino IDE, it is Arduino-compatible (also we have same board shape one), support littlevgl, support NN API:

It is show time:
basic 3x3 conv accelerate, show simple edge detection

run MNIST demo with 30lines python code:

mobile net 1000 class object recognition @ 20fps @ 224x224 (max 30fps):

yolo face detection in 20lines python:

face recognition demo:

feature map display:

Our MAIX module is 1-inch squared:

Our smallest develop board is 1x2 inch, breadboard-compatible:

And full function board MAIX-GO:

The newest Arduino-compatible board: MaixDuino:

Here is more video:
seeed show openMV functions:(we will release openMV IDE this week)

Arduino IDE run mobilenet:

Arduino run littlevGL:

MaixPy run NES:

run GBA(via MMU)

run quake I:

run FFT:

microphone array:

face tracking PT:

MaixPy play baddapple.avi:

play MMD at 100fps:

We are making MaixDuino now.If you are interested in our board and project, and you are the senior arduino fans/developer, We will provide free MaixDuino free to you.
If you make cool application for MAIX, we will send free board to you too.
welcome show your project in this post.
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