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Period meter using PIC18F452,...


Hello,everybody.I want to measure the period of an input signal at the range of 10 usec  to 1 sec
,using; PIC18F452 or PIC18F8722,XTAL=40MHZ and with mikroC PRO for PIC V5.30 compiler&
T6963C GLCD.

I wrote some codes and tested them with Proteus but all of those display wrong.

Would you please help me for that and give me a code example for that?


Hi, welcome to the forum!

You havent really given much information on what problems you are having..

You could use the CCP peripheral to measure period of some square pulses.

The Microchip CCP tips pdf may be helpfull.

Without more info from you about your project its difficult to help.

If it's an audio signal you can setup a simple zero-crossing detector with a couple resistors and diodes and feed that to an interrupt pin on the PIC.


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