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I would like to learn to program PIC 16F877A in C, using Hitech C compiler (implemented in MPlab).
My knowledge is very weak. I only programmed some console applications in C and PIC ASM.
Do you have any advices? How to begin or some literature?
Thanks a lot!

There are lots of tutorials and examples, some of them comprising a workspace file, that allows you to just open and compile.
Besides this, you need a programmer/debugger, the one that is usually advised is the PicKit2.

I found some examples of code in "Getting started with HI.TECH C compiler for 10/12/16 MCUs". But other examples were diferent, they were using 16F877A.h header file, but not htc.h  :'(

i am looking on this too , please if you find some tutorials could you tell me ?

Yeah, I want to move from CCS to Hi-tech. Hi-tech is free and if I ever found myself making 5000 units I would definitely buy it and use the code compression tool and get a cheaper PIC.


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