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pic temperature ranges relative to packages

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I've found microchip direct to be pretty competitive to other alternatives in Australia. The shipping has always been a flat fee of about $17 per order so it's certainly not economical for small or single unit orders. In times of desperate need, I've bought PIC devices from RS-Components, paid $20/chip for the privilege but received them overnight. Getting around 50 of them for a production run worked out to less than $5/chip (from MCD).

Don't forget, you can put the part number into the "findchips" banner at the top ;) Find out who sells the one you need besides MCD.

well i won't need the mil spec temp range for a bit so can hunt around and compare, it was more essential to know that they exist and in what packages so that I can get my board layout sorted. I could put the part number into the findchips bar if the damn thing even worked (chrome) I have never seen this elusive bar  ever on this forum. But yes i could go and find their service and use it


--- Quote from: Simon on October 12, 2011, 11:44:44 am ---they are not that cheap for the 16F88 e/so, it's like £3.60 (+ vat i bet) even if i buy 100, farnell don't list them at all

--- End quote ---

Hmm, I'm a bit puzzled by that!  I see £2.33 at Microchip, and Farnell do list them for £5.51 (see GrumpyDave's link, although I get the same thing just sticking "16F88-E/SO" in the search box.)  The happy fun joy overheads are going to be the £16 surcharge for US stock from Farnell, vs. shipping for Microchip which appears to be £10 give or take a few brass washers depending on weight.  And yes, I'd expect both are going to be ex-VAT prices, so add 20% for that unless you can claim it back.

But anyway, as you say, it's enough to know that you can can them at this stage -- getting bogged down in the logistics might be a little premature ;)


I can't even find them on farnell


--- Quote from: Simon on October 12, 2011, 01:03:35 pm ---http://www.microchipdirect.com/ProductDetails.aspx?Category=PIC16F88&Sort=TempRange&PackageType=SOIC&TempRange=-40C+to+%2b125C

--- End quote ---
That comes up with £2.33 for me, weird.  Just a thought -- you aren't being shown the USD prices, are you?  There's a 'change location' link at top left to switch to GBP if so!


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