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pic temperature ranges relative to packages

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I'm doing a design based around a PIC. It must have the -40 to 125 C range but from looking at farnell only certain packages have this range, typically DIP or the square soic thingys, but why not standard soic packages ? is it farnell that won't stock them or uchip that don't make them ?

You can get the high temp range of PIC (+125 deg) in a SOIC package it just needs the "Extended" package prefix
e.g. PIC18F25K22-E/SO

Standard temp i.e. +85 deg would be "Industrial" with I package prefix  =  PIC18F25K22-I/SO

Obviously I do not know what pic you require this is just an example, I only looked on RS but it may be that you will need to change which PIC to use in your project if you can only buy from the usual component suppliers.

Hope that helps..

well that is my worry, I design around a pic only to find that no one supplies it in the -40/125 range, according to uchip all pics are available in this range, I think I'm safe with the 16F88 even if i end up using the quad package. I could no even use the RS website, I don't know what they think they are doing but i'm not using them again until they put the parametric search back

Hmm well farnell do sell the extended package 16f88 but its US stock only which is a little annoying for us euros..


or mouser is cheaper:


Alternatively MicrochipDIRECT have it cheaper in four packages:


(I see they'll also program the parts for a few pence per chip plus a < 20 quid setup fee -- might be useful if you're going to be doing any volume!)


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