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PIC web server with DynDNS


I am preparing one project for an embedded system with PIC 18F micro that will have a web server running. It will be connected in a LAN, and have DHCP functionality. I see that Microchip is giving their free TCP/IP stack, and that there is a DynDNS module for registering of your public IP to DynDNS service.

Has anyone played with such setup? Does it work OK?

No experience with the Microchip IP stack, I lost interest when I noted that you can't redistribute the source, for example in an open-source project. It sounds like a lot for a small uC, IP stacks this size usually implement only a small fraction of the TCP/IP protocol (eg. no fragmentation), not sure how well this will work over the internet with servers you don't control. If you ignore mandatory parts of a protocol, you risk creating a solution that only works in 95% of the cases. If it's just for hobby, this may not be an issue.

Thanks Alm, cca 95% reliability is good enough for my purpose.


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