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PIC16F1783 - great chip for PSU makers

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I noticed a new pic on the microchip site and sample are available now, this chip has lots of features for power supply control . Cost is only $2 per chip QTY 1 and it comes in SPDIP format too.  I am halfway through building another supply but may stop and re-consider a re-design with this chip, it looks like it could cut my parts count in half.

--- Quote ---Internal 32MHz oscillator
2 x PSMC (Programmable Switch Mode Controller)
Dedicated 16bit PWM
Digital and/or analog feedback control of PWM frequency
Dead-band control / auto-shutdown & restart
3 x Fast Comparators with selectable Voltage Reference
2 x Operation Amplifiers (rail-to-rail in and out)
11 x 12-bit ADC with Voltage Reference
8-bit DAC
MI2C / SPI / EUSART w/auto baud
2 x Compare-Capture-PWM
Four 8-bit Timer (TMR0/TMR2/TMR4/TMR6)
One 16-bit Timer (TMR1)
--- End quote ---

Sounds cool.  Unfortunately, Microchip stopped sending samples to the U.S. years ago.  It's now on my Mouser "to-order" list. :)

Great, have you read the errata?

You if try to make a PSU with the current revisions I'm almost sure it will blow up  :-DD

One thing I don't like about having a MCU in a control loop is that it becomes tedious to make the circuit work. You now have something you have to program in order to get your basic power supply working.

Here's an example: If the MCU only told the supply what voltage to output using a DAC it would be easier to test the power supply. That's because you don't have to figure out how to use the DAC before confirming the rest of circuit works fine.

I believe these kinds of ICs, just like the AVR PWM series, are really meant for fairly steady loads like electronic drivers for HID lamps, or fluorescent tubes. Or motor control which is fairly slow too.

I don't see the added value of a MCU inside the control loop of a PS. Not every single little analogue thing needs MCUfication.


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