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PIC16F747 with HI-TEC C

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Hi guys,

I just recently entering the wonderfull world of microcontroller  and bought myself the PICkit 3 Debug express.The kit came with PIC18f45k20 demo board with C18 compiler.After playing around with the board (blinking led etc) , I decided  that I want to build a new project with PIC16F747.

I'm using HI-TEC C compiler to program the pic.Unfortunately I cannot find the header file or the linker file for the PIC16F747.Does anyone idea where can i find these file or am I heading towards a wrong path.

Thanks for the help


No linker file is required and including <htc.h> should pull in the required headers for the processor selected in MPLAB.

If you want to look at the header for your processor it is pic16f747.h and should have been installed with the compiler.

are you using that chip for the triple pwm? catch: they all use the same frequency

@Rufus:thanks for the info..It seem to be working now (no error)
@mobbarley:Yup..I planning to play around with RGB led...with same frequency, meaning that all 3 pwm have the same duty cycle or the same speed?
say red at 10%,blue at 30% and green at 50%..or all three colour have to be 10%....

I'm at the office now..cannot really test it myself.Thanks again


They just run at the same frequency. You can do an RGB LED easily with any PIC thats clocked reasonably fast - just use a timer interrupt so that the frequency is consistent to avoid glitches.


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