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PIC18F Low Power Superstars?

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Hey all,

I've been driving my PIC18F26K20 at 3.3v down to some decent low currents:

~500uA running the chip at 500Khz.  I'm using the internal oscillator and setting the clock speed thru code.

I can sleep my circuit at ~50uA,  but unfortunately my application has to be 'always awake' as we need to catch events as they happen.   We were going to do things like sleep 10s wake 1s, but not desirable.

We also need to communicate with a UART device and an I2C device.  We had to drop the UART baud rate down to 2400 baud.  We also found that 500Khz is as low as we can go with the I2C device too.

My question to all is: is there a better PIC18F out there that can run significantly lower?   I have to stay at 3.3v as both devices that the PIC is connected to are 3.3V.

Edit: it turns out that I don't need 64k either I can go less than half to 32K.


I think an interrupt can wake up your pic18
so you put your pic in sleep mode, almost no consumption
then you wait for the event, it triggers an interrupt, and wakes the pic
you do the job, then go to slep again.
the last familly of pic devices have a "nanowatt" mode that says itself...

I wish I could use an interrupt.  I have to 'read' the event in active mode.  I have to read the event from the I2C device which requires the pic to be awake.

I will look into the nanowatt stuff - hopefully there are some that can run 1Mhz at 3.3V.


Tx again for hint...

Now these are what i call superstars!

Does your application mean you're constantly polling an I2C device? Could the current be flowing through the I2C pull-up resistors rather than the PIC itself?


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