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I'm after an initial template file for a PIC24 series device. There's lots of stuff to define with all those interrupt vectors etc and it would just take away some of the work and possible mistakes if this was already defined somewhere. I couldn't find anything on the Microchip website which only wants you to use C it seems. So do any templates exist?

I vaguely remember the same question being asked on the Microchip forums, can't remember if there was any useful response. Few people are mad enough to want to program in assembler a processor which has a decent (free) C compiler and architecture to use it.

I would expect the number of people programming a fairly large MCU entirely in assembly is quite low. Assembly is usually reserved for the small 6-8 pin devices with very limited amounts (if any) of RAM and ROM. It takes a lot of man years to fill up an average PIC24 in assembly. That might explain your troubles finding anything.

I'm basically a hardware guy, however I have done quite a bit of programming for the PIC16 and PIC18 series always in assembler. I always think in 'hardware' terms and am uneasy with the vitualisation C gives you. I know you can have a look at what assembly the C has complied to, but then you just might as well written it in assembler in the first place.

Search Microchip’s website for ‘Code Examples’. Under the PIC24 examples, some are written in assembly. Modify and use any of those files as your template.



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