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PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit with MPLAB-X help



Just purchased a new PIC32 Ethernet starter kit. This is my first foray into PIC. I have downloaded the IDE, compiler and demo application files. I confirmed everything is working and can make changes to the source code (variables) that show up on the web server output. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how to edit the demo web pages. I found the html pages but changes I make do not show up when the board is re-programmed. I tried a make clean and re-compiled the entire source from scratch, still no go. I googled around some, but so far have not found a good tutorial. Can someone shed some light on this?

Is anyone here interested in making some bucks (paypal account needed) getting me set up with a new project template, and doing some training/consulting? I am crunched for time so I would like to shorten the learning time curve if possible.


have a look at gooligum.com

Thanks for the reply notsob. I emailed them and asked if they would build a TCP/IP setup tutorial for the PIC32 Ethernet Starter kit.

Update: I figured out how to edit the web pages. Its very weird. Make your changes to the html files, then you have to use the Microchip MPFS Generator utility that compresses the webpages into hex bytes and stores them into a C file that gets compiled with the board firmware.



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