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PIC32 programming with pickit 3


      i have quite experience working with 8bit 16bit pic but this is first time i m moving  to pic 32 .

currently i m working with PIC32MX440F128H but there are certain problems withe programming ,

i have connected the pic as the circuit suggested by microchip i even connected the 10uf cap on vdd core pin.

i can read the device quite well, 
i can erase the device.

but wen i try to program it
the pickit always says 
boot flash programming failed

and some times it just say
programming failed

what the problem could be it this a software (like configuration word )
or the hard ware

Sal Ammoniac:
Try posting your question on the Microchip forums.

Is the power supply used adequate / in good shape? 


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