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I am trying to build a pickit 2 clone, and there it says that i have to burn a hex in the pic18f2550. I have the hex file (PK2V023200.hex), but it says it's 91KB , and the pic mc has only 32k memory. The schematic i have does include 2 eeproms , but it says that they are not needed for programming and/or debugging.

Is there something i'm missing, or the hex can be burned into the mc ?

This is my guide:


an .hex file is inside a text file
it represents the bytes with their hexadecimal value
the byte "AA" is stored as a text string "AA"
there are also carriage return each 8 or 16 bytes
and if I remember some control sum
so in fact the real hex file is less size than the .hex file you have
open it with an pic programmer and you will see what I mean.

open it with a program such as usppicprog here :http://usbpicprog.org/?page_id=16
your hex file is exactly 32Kb in reality.


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