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possible to synch digital out puts so they turn on or off at the same time?

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Is it possible to sync the outputs of the stm32 so you can sync or delay the outputs so they turn on at one time? Or is my best bet to use I/O on one port and control each port by it's 32 bit (or is it 16) register and deal with the delay from one port to another?

There is no way to synchronize them. The best you can do is minimize the delay by carefully optimizing the write code.

Use ODR to output a data pattern.
Use BRR to set selective pins to zeros.
Use BSRR to set selective pins to ones.

Is it what you are after?

No, he needs to synchronize multiple different ports (toggle 32 pins at the same time, for example).

Would DMA be a possible solution?


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