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Title: Propeller chip in an Arduino form factor - ASC+ in the Zumo Robot
Post by: stempile on October 08, 2013, 05:13:14 am
I am not the worlds greatest Spin (the native Propeller language) programmer, however same is true for C or C++ (The 8-core Propeller now has a C compiler with a Parallax supported IDE.)

I live right down the street from Parallax in Northern California, USA so I have an extra fondness of the Propeller chip...  On an impulse buy I picked up the Pololu Zumo robot chassis ( with an Ardunio shield (motor control, IR sensors, compass, buzzer, button, Vreg). Happen to fit nicely with a local robot group contest.

The ASC+ ( in perfectly and pinned out mostly as expected given an Arduino was used. I wrote several objects now on the Prop Object Exchange that took advantage of most of the shields components.  What I like most is that I don't have to program based on interrupts. 

With the Zumo I start up a Cog (Propeller processor core, 8 total) and execute a state machine for motor PWM control.  From the Main program I can simply pass variables to control direction and speed. In another cog I am able to start up a similar process to manage the 6 IR edge/line sensors and again simply read values through variables on the main program.

I still have 5 unused cogs with my project - future will include an RGB LED Driver, extra sensors (sonar) and plan to make use of the compass.  I may be adding encoders also.

If folks are interested I can share more details of the project and some of the minor obstacles given ASC + --vs-- Ardunino challenges I had to resolve....