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ProtoStack ATmega328 Kit Review (Arduino Clone Build)


I just completed a ProtoStack ATmega328 Kit Review and thought it might be helpful to anyone looking to step out outside the pre-built Arduino kits a little bit and create their own Arduino clone. I described the build and programming steps to turn this AVR kit into an Arduino clone:

I managed to get my 7400 Logic PLL Based Switcher in the third place category of the Dangerous Prototypes Open 7400/4000 Series Logic Contest. Dangerous Prototypes had the neat idea to let the winners pick their own prizes from the many sponsor donated kits & parts; that way everyone gets something they want. I picked out one of the 3x ProtoStack ATmega328 Developments Kits they donated. I've been messing around with my Arduino Uno for a while and was looking to expand my Atmel AVR knowledge a bit and thought building up this kit and turning it into an Arduino clone would be a fun project. I figured I'd give a little review of the kit as I went along as well.

For the rest of my review and detailed build and programming description go to my blog here:


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