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Is there any general purpose PWM modules with microcontroller input in order to drive "high" power DC devices? E.g. 12 volt 3 Amps pwm module. I am sure I had came across with such devices but can find them now (it was something like solid state relay).


Do you mean a MOSFET?

??. ? MOSFET is a discrete component. It was like a solid state relay as I said (actually a very fast ssr).

As Alm suggested, a logic-level MOSFET transistor is a perfect candidate for your application.

However, all depends on the application you have in mind:

a) If you already have a perfectly good DC Power Source (constant voltage), a MOSFET is all you need
b) If you don't have a DC power, have a look into the pre-made Point Of Load (POL) modules. Many of them support an ON/OFF control and with some luck, maybe some of them are able to be driven with a PWM signal. Then you can directly control the POL module
c) If you just want to drive some LEDs or such, most common LED drivers directly accept a PWM control input.


However, I forgot to add that it's quite improbable that a PWM method works on any device that has some kind of decoupling capacitors.


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