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Raspberry pi looks like a pretty good contendor against arduino

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Some of the people at my local Hacker Space has brought this up on a forum and looks promising. The device is capable of blu-ray play back 1080p and is affordable at a price tag of $25. The product is still in testing phase and proto-boards may be bought on ebay (close to around 800+ euro which all goes to help fund their project).

Anyone think this may kill the arduino?

It 1200+UKPounds, i dont think Arduino is in any real danger with its $30-$50AUD boards.



--- Quote from: PeterG on January 10, 2012, 12:31:20 am ---It 1200+UKPounds, i dont think Arduino is in any real danger with its $30-$50AUD boards.


--- End quote ---

Those are the beta boards and it was up to the company to put such a hight price, enthusiast and followers bid to that price which to me is shocking.

Once testing is done they announced a $25 price tag on it.

The proceeds from the auctions are being used for charitable purposes - hence the high prices. There was an article today about how one was bought for the purposes of donating it to a computer museum.

At the $25 target price, I can think of little reason to use an Arduino for anything! An Arduino WiFi shield is, what, $40+? With Linux you can use a <$10 USB WiFi dongle, and rapidly develop interfaces in Apache and PHP or whichever stack takes your fancy.

I see it being used for ethernet applications instead of arduino, for example. But for general tinkering or if you are a beginner etc. Arduino is still going to be the go-to board.


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