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RD60xx MCU controlled power units

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Please try the open firmware found here

the two firmwares that may be for your unit are

--- Quote ---RD60062_V1.37.1g.bin (RD6006)
RD60065_V1.40.1g.bin (RD6006P)

--- End quote ---

it may be some time before i finish the open bootloader as i have many projects on the go and I also need more info from working units and users with working units tend not to want to play with unknown code. Unless they nuts like me


Sorry, i almost forgot he further info for that mega link,

it's the whole thread on custom firmware, i've not read it of late but there may be some info in there on the two lcd types, i will try and get up to speed myself as i can.


Thanks darkspr1te
for the provided information.
I will try firmware suggestion
And I will look for ways to solve the problem.
I'm also an electronics freak, and I go crazy in my own way.  :) :)


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