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Read/Write EEPROM Fairchild NM93C46 with Buspirate

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I know the Buspirate is quite an old tool, but if someone still has experience with it, I would really appreciate your help.

I try to read data from an EEPROM with it (Fairchild NM93C46) Datasheet: https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/54268/FAIRCHILD/NM93C46N.html
I also found this tutorial end set everything up the same way: http://dangerousprototypes.com/forum/index.php?topic=7112.0

VCC -> 5V
3V -> Pullup-restistors

I then used the 3Wire mode set up as in the tutorial above.

When i try the command  [-^^_^ _^:7 r] or ]-^^_^ _^:6 r:1024[ or anything similar I always get 0xFF.

Really appreciate any help and guidance. :D

Swap the DO and DI connections and try again.

Hi, thanks for your help, then the output switches to 0x00...
Edit: I checked all connections again with a multimeter, and then I suddenly received an output of some HEX values and the rest 0xFF, but re-running the same command [-^^_^ _^:6 r:1024] gave me different values? Shouldn't the read output stay the same all the time?

Yes, the results should be consistent.

Go back to your original wiring but try with a slower clock value. The max clock is 400khz but suggest to try with 10khz, etc.

Also did not change anything, tried all available khz (5, 50, 100), same result only 0xFF (which I also get if I have nothing connected to the buspirate at all)
I redid one solder and then checked all connections again with the multimeter, all looks fine. (used 200 Ohm)
When I swap DI/DO I get random values, so I am pretty sure my standard connections is right.
Already tried to initiate/close the command with ]/[ instead of [/] as well, didn't change anything either.

I also checked if the EEPROM still works in its original use and it does, so I did not kill it yet  8)

Any further things I could try? I am slowly running out of ideas...


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