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Request For Comments - Mongoose Wizard for embedded network programming


I am part of a team that works on an open source TCP/IP stack in a single file, https://github.com/cesanta/mongoose/
It is dual-licensed: free for open source, paid for commercial use.

Over the years of interactions with customers, we have found that for embedded engineers it is difficult to implement descent networking code on microcontrollers, especially if it includes any front-end stuff like Web UI.

We came up with an idea of a simple visual tool that simplifies the development and reduces it to almost no-code. We call it a Wizard. It allows to use a simple point-and click interface to configure your app, and to configure the Web UI dashboard in a Grafana-like style. It generates networking code which is fully functional. One of the generated files is a so-called "glue" file with a list of get/set functions that "glue" the networking code to the firmware code - and that simple file is the only thing that a firmware engineer should update / implement. The rest just works.

Here it is : https://mongoose.ws/wizard/

If you have any relevant experience developing network functionality, was it painful? Painless? What was the most difficult thing?
I would appreciate any feedback, being it positive, or negative - but constructive.



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