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Reverse engineering OPEL2 transponder: PCF7991 library transponder needed


Hello mates,

I'm reverse engineering the OPEL2 immobilizer transponder from Continental/Siemens VDO to use on my offroad vehicle.

http://www.chavesgold.com.br/transponder/manuais/gm/GSR110070.pdf Some pictures from the reprogramming guide.

Does any one would have and share a library for the PCF7991 transponder IC from NXP/Philips? My idead is to remove the TMS370 and use some other uC.

Attached the schematic (still under corrections)


Tks but I'm looking for a library. The datasheet is easy to find

Hi @rvalente. Arek you stilo working with this TMS370 immobox?

Checking the datasheet, it seems the transponder is just a bridge, you send data or receive raw data, and is up to you what to do with it.
The heavy stuff, protocol, key storage, and such is done my the mcus interfacing the transponders.
Or that's what it looks like.


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