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RTOS Learning Journey: Project Idea needed

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Hello everyone

I've been immersing myself in the fascinating realm of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) with a focus on FreeRTOS. The concepts of task scheduling, synchronization, and multitasking have got me intrigued, but now I'm on the hunt for exciting project ideas to put theory into practice.

Please keep in mind that I'm looking for projects that are within my reach and not too advanced, so projects like radar systems, air traffic control, and satellites are a bit beyond my current capabilities.

Do you have any project suggestions that would be a perfect fit for a RTOS? I’d really appreciate it!

One project (at least potentially) that you could do is some sort of a medical device or a combination of a health data collection system + smart watch for displaying the health data. The potential problem you have (at least in my personal experience) is that RTOSes in general are seen to have very little actual purpose outside of space, defence, aircraft, medical and vehicle control (everything else can normally be solved without ). So you might be pushed to find an interesting and yet simple real-world RTOS project for learning the RTOS principles.


You probably want a simple problem that you can expand and use to explore different RTOS design patterns.

Consider a traffic light controller. Start simple, then expand to include traffic sensors, pedestrian request switches, internal logging, remote monitoring and control, etc.

Pretend you are caught up in a lawsuit where you are having to prove what happens (and/or happened) and why, and that you have to defend you choices and implementation. Those real world considerations can shape the design patterns you choose and implement.

Make sure you understand FSM events and actions, how external sensors cause interrupts that create events. Work out how to guarantee and verify timing by design (not measurement). Avoid multiple priorities; they cause as many problems as they help.

what about a simple MODBUS server able to serve up to n clients?

mutex data (kind of central database, on the server)
n tasks, one for each client


How about starting with reading Hoare's "Communicating Sequential Processes"?  ;D


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