Author Topic: What's happening in the world of MIPS?  (Read 5291 times)

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Re: What's happening in the world of MIPS?
« Reply #50 on: October 20, 2018, 07:08:16 pm »
Offtopic: someone had fun while combining a TQFP and BGA footprint  >:D


Looks funny indeed, but they were probably unsure of the short-term availability of either package when they designed the board and were probably pressed by upper management to release it ASAP.

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Re: What's happening in the world of MIPS?
« Reply #51 on: October 21, 2018, 05:52:28 am »
That's a very interesting looking board. Thanks for the high-res pic


Three types:
 - 1 DIP for 8-bit (occupied)
 - 4 DIPS for 32 bits
 - more traditional SODIMM (occupied)

I'd guess the 32bit memory bus is split across four 8-bit DIP rams so that it can access them all in parallel, rather than sequentially.  Presumably this is an alternative to using the SODIMM.

The 8-bit slot is however more interesting -- did someone mention these processors booting up in an 8-bit mode?  Maybe the entire addressing system changed electronically as well as logically, so this processor required an 8-bit RAM chip for boot.


Unless you use some PCI I/O cards you are limited to just RS-232.

By golly that MAX23 at the top-right has a lot of big caps attached, they were not taking any chances about it not being able to charge pump.

EDIT: It comes with an OS built into its EEPROM too.  Lots of curly details.
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