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Segger J-LInk or ARM-USB-OCD-H

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I'm trying to decide which of these I should get for ARM Cortex M3 and M4 debugging. I'm primarily a linux user, and I've read some scary things about how the J-Link in regards to linux drivers. THe J-Link looks to be a better debugger, but I'd like to hear you're experiences on the two.

If you'll be using OpenOCD you probably want an FTDI FT2232-based dongle, they're the best supported by far. It also has support for J-Link, but as Segger's published documentation doesn't always correspond to the actual firmware there may be bugs. The downside with cheap FT2232 dongles is that many of them cannot support SWD debugging which can become an issue if you want to start using Cortex-M0 or M0+ parts.

I was thinking about OpenOCD. I'm a student, so that means my budget isn't super high. On the other hand, I want to learn hat will eventually be useful in a  job. There seem to be a lot of options, including Coocox, Crossworks,IAR, plain Eclipse, code sourcery, and the Segger series. Can anyone give their opinion on that. I pretty much need free or cheap software

I found an adapter for the ARM-USB-OCD-H that claims to support SWD.
It's supposedly pretty full featured for ~60 dollars,.

I've got an ARM-USB-TINY-H from Olimex, which is probably similar. I could never get it to work though (and I use OpenOCD), so it sits in a box. The ARM chips I tend to use are from ST and I've been using the ST-LINK protocol via OpenOCD instead. That's what you use for programming any of ST's Discovery boards.

Additionally, those Discovery boards turn into programmers themselves by moving a couple of jumpers. For my own boards, I just replicate the 6-line SWD connector and run a ribbon cable over. It doesn't look quite as polished, but it's cheap and it works. Plus, once you get the OpenOCD configuration working for the Discovery board, it's usually just a tweak or two to get it running on your own hardware.

If you're not using ST chips, then this won't be much help.  :-//

That's interesting, but I'm primarily using NXP M4 ICs It sounds like I'd be best off with the ARM-USB-OCD-H,  but I'm still not sure about the toolchain.


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