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Thanks , we’re in the jungle here in South Africa , and normally purchase through RS - Components . I’ll give mouser a try as if this works we have to mod about 1000 boards , so will buy a reel and make a small add on , board that we can do on our in house prototyping p & p machine .

Where I started in 2017 which worked on sim . I’ll wait for parts and build as per benta suggestion


--- Quote from: hedley on July 22, 2021, 03:47:19 pm ---The joys of pandemic - just have  been advised that earliest shipping date for 74LVC1G17QW5 is 23 June 2022 . GRRRRRRR

--- End quote ---

Yeah. OTOH, it's never been easier to get junk food delivered at your door within 30 minutes. Maybe that says something about our priorities? ;D

lT spice sim which also works , so ill give the fet based solution one more try . The 4k7 in place of 10k pullup will help meet SRAM VCC to CE/ line criteria for data retention , and importantly I did not have the n channel fet drain resistor to ground in original circuit so it basically never turned off to isolate the processor .

It's a fine solution at DC.  But try it with a 100 ohm, 5ns rise PULSE at nCE.



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