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STLINK V3. I agree re Cube IDE, and the way it is presented does look like it is a limit in the executable; it isn't anything based on interrogating the debugger.

"Now that you have a J-Link, you can use Segger's Ozone debugger. It's quite nice and very robust."

Is that something running standalone and communicating directly the debugger box, or does it run inside Cube? Or can it run alongside Cube?

Ozone is a standalone application and can run alongside cube. It connects directly to the j-link, only needs to see the .elf file for the application you're debugging, and will pick up changes to that elf file automatically when you rebuild in the IDE.

I don't think Ozone can be used with the base Segger model - the Edu:

Ozone Licensing
Ozone can be used with J-Link PLUS, ULTRA+, PRO and J-Trace. With other J-Link models, Ozone can be used without restriction for evaluation purposes or after purchasing the J-Link RDI license, that includes the Ozone license. In evaluation mode, you will see the following screen each time a debug session is started:

I have been playing more with the debugger today and it has the irritating licensing window popping up, which you can suppress for the rest of the day.

It was quite cheap, about £60, so it's OK, but I think I will stay with the STLINK V3 which actually works fine.


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