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STC 8051 MCUs: yay or nay?

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--- Quote ---"Since Windows 10 64-bit operating systems by default cannot be installed as a driver without a digital signature for
Therefore, before installing the STC-USB driver, you need to follow the steps below to skip the digital signature for the time being, so that you can install it without any problems."


'After the computer reboots, the "Startup Settings" screen will pop up, press the "F7" button to select the "Disable driver forced signature" item'

I've never seen any other embedded development software that requires all this...
--- End quote ---
They did not bother to submit the driver to Microsoft for validation (and pay for it). That's why it asks to enable win 10 test mode which allows unsigned drivers to run.

I tried to get their development bits.. ICSP etc.
It didn't pan out.
They responded and told me how much it cost but when I wanted to buy it things went silent.

I still would like to take a crack at them. They only wanted 30 USD for it which is totally reasonable.


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