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Stellaris Launchpad Logic Analyser

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As somebody pointed out, a logic analyser might be a good use for your Stellaris Launchpad.
So I gave it a go.

--- Quote ---http://www.fischl.de/arm/sllogiclogger_logic_analyser_for_stellaris_launchpad/
--- End quote ---

the protocol is I2C talking to a ds1307
So the analysis doesn't quite work yet, but my data seems to be coming in albeit with some ugly spikes.
And I have remote debugging on the launch pad if I needed it.
My bus pirate decodes the same data ok so I am not sure what is going on.
One day I will look a bit deeper.

Looks like the decoder has detected SCL/SDA incorrectly, you'll probably need to set those manually.

Yes that was the case, I turned off auto detect,  and I have less errors.

WOW!  Great find!  And just when I was wanting one...
I've got 3 of these Launchpad's sitting here at the bench waiting for an application like this.

Its about time my launchpad to be loaded with decent app rather than noob apps all this time.  :-DD

Thanks !  :-+


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